VPN for All


vpnI really cannot believe how easy it is to use a virtual private network. I’m not very “computer literate” but when a friend showed me how to install and use a VPN, I was incredibly surprised, especially after he explained to me how they worked. I was skeptical that such a service existed that not only provided high security encryption but enabled its users to re-direct their IP address to make it seem like they were located in another country in order to gain access to websites that were unavailable in their own country. But, much to my surprise, after using a VPN during a free trial period, everything was easy to use and I didn’t encounter any problems.

I’m not very politically active, but even I have followed the news about the United States government and the NSA spying on its own citizens on the internet. The very thought of someone going through my browsing history or monitoring my emails is just incredibly creepy, which is why I’m glad my friend told me about VPNs. He showed me a number of popular VPNs, all with stellar reputations, which would be great for me to use in order to protect my identity and my personal information online. He helped me install it, but after a couple days I was easily able to navigate the software and have even tried out a couple of the advanced features.

Perhaps the most surprising thing to me is how affordable everything was. After my free trial period ended, all I had to do was pay a little over $8/month! And there are even cheaper VPNs available, I just picked my VPN because I was already familiar with it. I’m definitely glad my friend showed me how to use a VPN and I’m incredibly satisfied with what it has enabled me to do.