Hidemyass Is It The Best Vpn Service ?



Decided to purchase one of the packages at Hidemyass,? Better read this post first.


What is Hidemyass?

Hidemyass was voted as the Best VPN service 2012 and unarguably the most popular personal VPN on the market. Compared with other VPN services, it provides the broadcast VPN Server coverage, the best bang for your buck and the most comprehensive VPN software.

When it comes to customer support, speed and fiercely debated logging policy you’ll read a lot of sparked discussion.

HMA has a large selection of gateways of varying strengths. You can unblock any website that you want to use with HMA no matter what your location such as Amazon Prime, BBC IPlayer, Hulu, and Netflix. There are over 29,000 available IP addresses to choose from, and over 50 different countries that you can stream from with HMA. You can also make your digital location anywhere in the world with HMA and its servers. For instance, if you want to watch a European TV show while you are in Alaska, you can! All you need to do is connect to a European gateway through HMA and it will make BBC think that you are safely in the UK.

When it comes to internet safety, Hide My Ass is the perfect choice for you if you are looking to surf the Internet privately with your identity remaining a secret. It also offers another measure of security called Secure IP Bind. This extra level of security will keep your IP address hidden at all times, even at points when other VPN services reveal your IP address. HMA will give you a brand new IP address every time you log onto the Internet.

With this, do you believe that Hidemyass Is It The Best Vpn Service?

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