HideMyAss Review


vpnI’m a world traveler. I conduct business wherever I go because my services are offered online like my cloud backup storage which is the MyPCBackup, (is my pc backup the best cloud backup? check it out) where they are easily accessible to anyone and everyone. I often visit a country for a few weeks and move along to the next because it’s something I like to do and happen to have a passion for. There have always been obstacles in my journey, but nothing major has ever happened to me before. I was never profoundly concerned about my safety because I didn’t think I had a reason to be.

Contrary to my lack of concern, most recently someone found their way into my secondary bank account and cleaned it out thoroughly, down to the last few cents. I had thirty four cents left in that particular account, luckily my primary bank account was not touched. I was devastated, yet thankful it happened because it taught me the value of privacy and security. I refused to allow such a thing to happen again.

I consulted my lawyer in regard to getting my money back, catching the thief, and preventing such a thing from ever happening again. He assured me it likely wouldn’t if I did some research and checked out proxy servers and VPN services to keep me safe from hackers and online identity thieves.

To me, it was great news and I immediately began to conduct research on my own. I stumbled upon the HideMyASS proxy service with Pro VPN service. Is hidemyass the best vpn? After reading excellent HideMyAss review I was sold! I bought the reasonably priced Pro VPN software and learned how to surf the web and conduct my business online without the threat of someone stealing my information and using it for their own selfish purposes.

I’ve managed to recover from the identity theft, and I feel much safer using HideMyAss to cover me, visit this page http://www.vpnmag.co.uk/hidemyass/ for more about hidemyass. The friends and family members I have recommended it to it are just as satisfied as I am.  I definitely encourage you to consider this HideMyAss review to be honest and try it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!